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about us

For over 25 years, SPEECH, Inc., with its staff of 20 speech language pathologists, has been committed to improving:

  • pediatric speech and language

  • reading

  • feeding skills

Through comprehensive evidence based instructional programs, conducted by state licensed and nationally certified speech language pathologists, SPEECH Inc. has the privilege of serving children with a broad spectrum of communication disorders/delays.

SPEECH Inc. carefully analyzes each child's profile, putting together completely personalized treatment plans using methods with empirical support for their effectiveness based on: 

  • strengths

  • weaknesses

  • learning styles

At SPEECH Inc. we work as a cohesive team. This team approach creates an atmosphere in which children and staff can truly flourish. Instead of working in isolation our staff works collaboratively with each other to provide state of the art treatment. 

Kathryn Pengilly and Tiphanie Schiff founded SPEECH Inc. in 1989. Kathryn Pengilly still actively mentors and serves as owner/director. 

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