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SPEECH Inc. offers "Jump Into Kindergarten Camp." Skills addressed in this setting are:

  • recognizing and writing letters/sounds

  • word family fun

  • drawing and coloring

  • shapes and concepts

  • beginning math games

  • pre-reading fun with rhymes and riddles

  • word categories

  • antonyms and synonyms

  • vocabulary and comparisons.


These camps are held during school breaks and summertime. Campers work in small groups with SPEECH Inc. staff.

SPEECH Inc. also offers "Get Ready to Shine." Skills addressed in this camp are:

  • discourse development and practice

  • letters and phonics

  • numbers and counting

  • patterning and sequencing

  • drawing and coloring

  • personal demographics

  • listening body language

  • following teacher directions

  • rhyming

  • negotiated cooperative play

  • sustained attention and completion of tasks

  • cutting and writing

  • sorting, shapes and colors

  • prepositions

  • polite language

  • meeting new people

These camps are held during school breaks and summertime. Campers boost confidence by working in small supportive groups with certified Speech & Language Pathologists. 

For more information, or to sign up for a camp, please call (415) 563-6541.



SPEECH Inc. and The San Francisco YMCA offer Kindergarten - 5th grade "Awesome Readers Camp" during the summer. Campers boost their reading and academic confidence by working in small, supportive groups with certified Speech & Language Pathologists. SPEECH Inc. staff will use evidence-based teaching techniques to boost campers' reading and summer learning. Morning skills include:

  • decoding

  • fluency

  • comprehension

  • spelling

Skills are taught via games, crafts, and other dynamic activities. This leaves the afternoon for summer fun with friends and camp counselors at the YMCA. Sign up for camp Awesome Readers Camp now.

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